sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Read read read read

This year I read a few good books. Honestly I think it's boring to read so much
about geography, so when I have some free time I start reading other things.
I have great admiration for French writers since the days illustrated to some very contemporary. This year I bought three books to pass the time in the summer, "The Optimist" of Voltaire, the play "The Flies" by Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus essay called "The Myth of Sisyphus." I devoured these three books before the end of the first month of holidays, so after I read some books of my brother of German philosophers.
I've always loved to read philosophy and mythology, and more French authors who are my favorites so that reading his books I am very pleased. I am also a loyal fan of JRR Tolkien's created world.
You can say I'm a reader exile, because in my house I can not easily do because there is always noise TVs, radios or anything else that my mother is doing. To read I should be absolutely calm and silent, otherwise I get distracted ... I think I have very little concentration.
If I can, I read on the toilet, on my desktop, travel from home to university, on the subway or in a place with little noise.
Reading is a great hobby, I know of no reason that prevents people to read, I guess when there is no habit is boring, but reading has many benefits for mental activities.

sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

Monster of Rock!

Hello everyone!

I've been to many concerts, many of them are rock, but a concert in particular I liked because it had three very good bands which one is my favorite.

Aproximandamente was five years ago, when my brother gave me a ballot to go to see a great concert of heavy metal.

I do not remember exactly the day, although I could see the ticket but I have it in my hands now. I remember it was a slide! Cold winter night in 2005 in the athletic track of the "national stadium, that night they would go out onstage Argentines Rata Blanca,Withesnake alongside the British and Judas Priest.

The event called Monster of Rock began about 8 pm with the Argentinean Rata Blanca, played their best songs and that alone that night to a very good. Then came Withesnake, with the legendary David Coverdale sang together with 15 thousand people historical songs like Here I Go Again and Is This Love, actually this type if he can do a rock show!. These two bands and they made that very special moment, but there was room for another, one of the legends of British Heavy Metal, Judas Priest, I mean. see on stage at the legendary Rob Halford with one of my favorite guitarists, Glenn Typton was the best thing that ever happened in life.

Singing anthems of music that I love such as Breaking the Law, Electric Eye, Painkiller, made this night unforgettable. I would not want a repeat of that unforgettable night, since such moments should be lived once in the life, times and really know much jajaj cheer.

greetings to everyone!