viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

Since I was in high school I had the experience of strikes,I studied at the renowned "Liceo de Aplicación", famous for this sort of thing.
When I went to university, I knew that things would not change much. These days the faculty has been on strike, protest at the measures that this government intends to take to education in Chile, by deleting the manner in which many students do not have the resources to pay for college can do so with the help of free credits greater interest in the future. With these measures and many other long term the system will be completely changed, public universities are at the same level as private producing a certain balance, a balance that should exist, but changing the system of private universities.
I completely agree with what you're protesting, also with form. What I regret most is that the media do not show anything about what you're doing is we are not the only faculty of the University of Chile on strike, and in the news only show the trapped miners in the north. I guess it's a good way to make the public remains uninformed and believe that the government do everything well.
On the other hand, yesterday at the university police force was really excessive against students and academics do not understand how some people justify the repression exerted.
I try all I can participate in the activities carried out in the faculty, but this week I've been on a few occasions.