sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

A estupid Blog

Hi all, today I talk about my favorite blog among my classmates.

I do not like much the blogs, really I think is a lost time but, looking all blogs of my classmates, the best is the Ruben´s Blog. This blog is the most stupid y I like the stupid things.

Principally, I find topics be without sense and incoherent (ha ha), Ruben only think in finish fast the work writing anything. Therefore do not find much consistency in the things he writes. This makes him a very entertaining blog and read their topics only to leave a comment absurd, that's the best haha.

But all is not stupidity on his blog, he has made some very interesting topics such as that of his favorite movie "Donnie Darko." I recently had the opportunity to see that movie and it really is very good, to be so little known .

Also your favorite game when Ruben was a kid, these great Drago Ball Z games also kept me occupied most of my years as a child, even now in my pc the game with super nintendo emulators.

Ruben on the blog, there are many things you could do better, starting with the fact that most of the things that are inconsistent and there's stupid. Maybe if I write more seriously would be much better, and Ruben is an insult saves in each of my comments.

Well, despite all the crap I've thrown ruben's blog, I think is best, as I read stupid things does nothing of evil in the end I always end up laughing.


miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Old play


When I was a child, I never have problems to play anything with someone, because I have a twin brother also him always wanted play with me.
With my twin brother we played all day, principally with action figures of "transformes" or "Dragon Ball", it were very funny, as we used only the imagination.

But, wit my brother, we had a play that now think is my favoirite. In the fair sold action´s figures of "Knights of the Zodiac"... it is really beatiful figures as each character (like “Seiya”) had a armorAs the armor of the figures, made it funny . Clearly the name of this game was "play with de monos" or something like. With my brother, we used the figure´s armor to hide in any place to the garden and the quest was find the armor and after fight with the brother´s character. I remeber that always I played with the golden´s knights such as their armor was beautiful. I did imagination´s stories of fights between knights like the tv serie. I trying play this game everday, never I has a problems to search someone to play, since always was my brother.

Play with action´s figures was funny like I use the imagination, and I could be all day play with my brother, I have great memories of those moments.
I have a great hobby for colection action´s figures, principally saint seiya´s figures (Knights of the Zodiac), but a new edition called “Myth Cloth”, this is a edition aesthetically improved, this figures be very cooool.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Roberto Matta

Always I say wich: The best chilean is dead. In this time, Chile don´t have persons with shine´s characters. Principaly politics, actors, movie makers, writers or musicians has been just cheat all this time.

But in the Chile´s history, someone chileans has been very importan a international rate, famous people around the world for the talent that they have. A loot of things go to my mind and is dificulty decide for only one.

Well, the chilean´s art has been great times thanks a very importan people with a "sobrenatural" talen like Roberto Antonio Sebastián Matta Echaurren, better known as Roberto Matta, was one of Chile's best-known painters and a seminal figure in 20th century abstract expressionist and surrealist art. He was a great representantive figure of art and was influenced by the likes of Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, André Breton y Le Corbusier where in Europa share with them. Indeed, it was Breton who encouraged the Chilean artist, evaluating their work and putting it in the circle of the leading members of the surrealist movement in Paris. Also, is evident the important of Roberto Matta in the art´s developing in Chile.

For me, had been an honor to have shared with him, talk of filosofy of art or about their travel in Europe and their friendly with inmortals figure of the mundial´s art.

If I could do a question for Roberto Matta, I should say :how he was inspired to do the great obra "El primer gol del pueblo chileno"? A believe that the answer must be chargue with politics colours and chili cravings.