sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

A estupid Blog

Hi all, today I talk about my favorite blog among my classmates.

I do not like much the blogs, really I think is a lost time but, looking all blogs of my classmates, the best is the Ruben´s Blog. This blog is the most stupid y I like the stupid things.

Principally, I find topics be without sense and incoherent (ha ha), Ruben only think in finish fast the work writing anything. Therefore do not find much consistency in the things he writes. This makes him a very entertaining blog and read their topics only to leave a comment absurd, that's the best haha.

But all is not stupidity on his blog, he has made some very interesting topics such as that of his favorite movie "Donnie Darko." I recently had the opportunity to see that movie and it really is very good, to be so little known .

Also your favorite game when Ruben was a kid, these great Drago Ball Z games also kept me occupied most of my years as a child, even now in my pc the game with super nintendo emulators.

Ruben on the blog, there are many things you could do better, starting with the fact that most of the things that are inconsistent and there's stupid. Maybe if I write more seriously would be much better, and Ruben is an insult saves in each of my comments.

Well, despite all the crap I've thrown ruben's blog, I think is best, as I read stupid things does nothing of evil in the end I always end up laughing.


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