miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Old play


When I was a child, I never have problems to play anything with someone, because I have a twin brother also him always wanted play with me.
With my twin brother we played all day, principally with action figures of "transformes" or "Dragon Ball", it were very funny, as we used only the imagination.

But, wit my brother, we had a play that now think is my favoirite. In the fair sold action´s figures of "Knights of the Zodiac"... it is really beatiful figures as each character (like “Seiya”) had a armorAs the armor of the figures, made it funny . Clearly the name of this game was "play with de monos" or something like. With my brother, we used the figure´s armor to hide in any place to the garden and the quest was find the armor and after fight with the brother´s character. I remeber that always I played with the golden´s knights such as their armor was beautiful. I did imagination´s stories of fights between knights like the tv serie. I trying play this game everday, never I has a problems to search someone to play, since always was my brother.

Play with action´s figures was funny like I use the imagination, and I could be all day play with my brother, I have great memories of those moments.
I have a great hobby for colection action´s figures, principally saint seiya´s figures (Knights of the Zodiac), but a new edition called “Myth Cloth”, this is a edition aesthetically improved, this figures be very cooool.

4 comentarios:

  1. Knights of the Zodiac, good memories of my childhood.

  2. Hi Nacho
    Great, I would've liked to have those as a child.

  3. when I was a child, I had Aries (the ban-dai, not a persa-junk) and my brother and libra. Very good memories.

  4. oooooooooh that great nacho, I like to see the knights of the zodiac when I was little, they were too busy and I must confess I was completely enamored q Sagittarius