lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010


Hello hello

The best holyday that I lived, was in 2009, when I went to Matanzas with my girlfriend.

Matanzas is a small town that is in the sixth region, is a very nice town with people that live fishing.

With my girlfriend, we stayed at the house of a guy that was on the edge of the beach was a nice place nearby where there was a stream of water falling from a small hill.

with my girlfriend, every day we walked to the edge of the beach, we climbed a very large sand dunes where we ran down. There was a place called "La Roca de la Siera" which was a large stone hill, with dangerous protrusions that when they reached the top, you could see how the sea playing with the seaweed making it appear to be the hair of a siren very large.

Near the village, was the Rapel River was a very nice place with lots of vegetation. I used to go with my girlfriend to collect berries and cherries to make marmalade in the house. After spending nearly two hours putting his hands in plants with thorns, my fingers were very sore.But I would do anything to get marmalade.

with my girlfriend were 1 full week, had a great time, this place sticks in my mind for being so calm and beautiful. This summer I went there, but certainly the first time is much more important.

I want to go back every year ..

Greetings to all

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

The dream of Tartini

Hello everyone

Now, a little musical story.

Few people know to Giuseppe Tartini, neither the "Il Trillo del Diavolo". Well I will tell.

Giuseppe Tartini was a italian composer and violinist born Piran on Abril 8 of 1692. He was very know in his age.

When he played in the Padua Church everone come to see him. Say they will not miss a note, he was simply a master.

Well, the story say that a night of summer, after having played a concert he was slepping when a lot of strange dreams come to mind, until as Descartes says: When the man can not disinguish the real with te fantasy, the devil appeared with him sitting on his bed. Tartini lent his violin to the Devil and this was your impresion:
A night I dreamed tath do a tratement with the Devil in exchange of my soul, the I lent my violin and saw what thing he could do. I was really amazed when I saw how he played a sonata with a beauty so great that exceeded my imagination, I felt enchanted and I woke up.

Then I try to hold the musical notes in my mind and wrote that could remember. The song I composed called "Il Trillo del Diavolo", this song is the most beautiful song I've written...but the song that I listened in my dream is far away

Then..Tartini do a beautifil classical song, but maybe he is now in the hell


lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Hello hello!

This pic was taken in july of 2008, when I studied in the highschool. I feel any thinks when I see this pic because my ultimate year in the school was very tragic. In the moment when Jhodad, my classmath taken the photo...we was preparing for do a music show in the school.
Well, this photo show the future of the megazine Rollig Stone with me, on the front page jaja, when we see remember me.
In the show that do in the school, I played guitar, sang and played keyboards. The setlist was very varied, between Deep Purple, The Ramones, Iron Maiden and Elvis Presley.

This photo, was taken in the ultimates days of school, because after of the winter´s holydays my highschool was collapsed and had not more class. This was very sad jaja.I do not like being in pictures, say they can steal your soul and I appreciate very much mine as to remove ajaj me.

I've been thinking, and it is very possible that the photo is not me but my twin brother ... I always get confused with that. Well ... I think that would give the same, if in the end are equal.

greetings to everyone!

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010


Hello hello!

jojo.. I would like visit any contruies, for ejample Greece, Canada or Albania, but I think that Ireland is a magical conutry, mainly the celtic culture that live there.

I alwys imagine be in a tavern with any dwarf with green clothes and showy hats, invited to drink with them, dancing celtic music on tables. Then I think.. Ireland is the perfect place!..also I think that the hotel is ver cheap.

I would like know the Castles, the celta earth, mytologic leyends and viring and green landscape. I would visit the St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, the Aughnanurep´s Castle, know the mysterius Leprechaun down the rainbow with the pot full of gold, drink a pint of Guinness stout... a lot of things!!

The people say taht if yout find a Shamrock with four leaft, your luck will change, then... do you not think that is the perfect country? Nature, fantastic leyends and a lot of beer and food

Also, a great musical band comes from this country, U2. I imagine walk in the center of Dublin and see to Bono near, that would be a dream.

I am sure, that my dear teacher Simón, invite me someday.


miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

The Isa´s earthquake

The night of 27 of february with my family were all in my house, with except my eldest brother that was in a party in the Maipu center, I didn't go because I felt lazy and I wanted to sleep.In (p) the minute of earthquake I was sleeping, my little brother woke up and taked me of my arms,both (p) went of the bedroom, with my dad were under the door while my mom was to the bedroom of my brother, she forgot that my brother went, so she was distressed for him, with my father and brother tried (sp) of calm her.During (p) the earthquake I was very quiet, my father always spoke to me about the earthquake of 1985 so I knew what to do and how react.After (p) of thirty minutes, my eldest brother came to home running, worried for us and your daughter, she was with your mother.Then (p) with of step of the hours, we knew what happened for radio.


lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

A beautiful Blog

Hi hi!

When I watch the the blog of Isabel, I am impressed for this things....In my first visit I see butterflies, flowers and a lots of colours, whit this I remember the farm or something. I don´t belive that this blog is of a men jaja. I can see a picture of Isabel with Diego, this picture spoils all the blog.. I would say that the change for a photo where I am in zunga. Thath would be very very sexy, I belive that a lots of girls would visit the blog of Isabel.

When I read the blog´s topic, I can know the films like, music and your hobbies... she is a very sweet girl (but she like resident evil film)..., she do activities very interesting and funy.

Well, I know personally Isabel, really is sweet and very friendly, your personality is consistent with the desing of blog jaja, I can see Isabel with buterflies and flowes walking in the road.

Greetings to Isabel and all!