miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Don Quixote by Doré


I like the tangible art, from paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures. Thanks to the revival we like many works of art from Italy, artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and many more all of them marked the history of art to this day.

An artist called my attention, not only his quality but the reason for his works, he is Paul Gustave Doré Was a French artist, engraver, illustrator and sculptor. Primarily Worked with Doré wood engraving and steel engraving of the nineteenth century.

Since he was a gifted artist of great talent, he devoted his life to play in a famous design book like the Bible, The Divine Comedy or Don Quixote. Just the pictures that made this great book by Miguel de Cervantes I really like, and you can see posted is what I like.

The amount of detail that has this print show the quality of Gustave Doré and how an illustration can interpret many signs the mind of the mad Don Quixote. In the illustration are knights riding horses, we know that Don Quixote read so many novels of this type, as he is his brain dried up, that is reflected in the pile of books that are lying on the ground.

There are many other illustrations of this renowned artist, could be published on the blog each and they are really amazing.

Well ... Goodbye!

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Taringa! collective intelligence


Taringa (www.taringa.net) is a argentian website that have all!, you just must register for explorer without limits. Is a website where you can upload or download any thing in hosting servers.

In "Taringa! collective intelligence" you can find the ultimates movies, videogames, a lot of music, photos, documentary, books,serial, softwares... I can name many things more since taringa really have all. Also, you can leave a comment and give score to the best topics because everyweek the website make a ranking with the most popular topics.

I visit Taringa everyday, for search anything or reed interesting topics.

Well, I found Taringa 3 years ago, in a boooorded night.. I was searching a movie in "google" when Taringa! appeared in the serch.

If I need find anything, Taringa is my first option jaja, and alwys and I always find what I seek, therefore is my favorite website.
Principally I use Taringa for download videogames,more than playing them, that's my vice jaja. Also I download music that is hard to find.

Like is a argentian website, is very very visible the nacionalims that they have. Sometimes is heavy reed commments derogatory with recist tones to the members of the other nationality, like Chile, Colimbia or Peru, but is better do not take seriosly.

All of my friends use Taringa, really is a tool very useful also is easy to management.

Well, it is my favorite website, the true is very popular. If you don´t know this website... enter now!