sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

A estupid Blog

Hi all, today I talk about my favorite blog among my classmates.

I do not like much the blogs, really I think is a lost time but, looking all blogs of my classmates, the best is the Ruben´s Blog. This blog is the most stupid y I like the stupid things.

Principally, I find topics be without sense and incoherent (ha ha), Ruben only think in finish fast the work writing anything. Therefore do not find much consistency in the things he writes. This makes him a very entertaining blog and read their topics only to leave a comment absurd, that's the best haha.

But all is not stupidity on his blog, he has made some very interesting topics such as that of his favorite movie "Donnie Darko." I recently had the opportunity to see that movie and it really is very good, to be so little known .

Also your favorite game when Ruben was a kid, these great Drago Ball Z games also kept me occupied most of my years as a child, even now in my pc the game with super nintendo emulators.

Ruben on the blog, there are many things you could do better, starting with the fact that most of the things that are inconsistent and there's stupid. Maybe if I write more seriously would be much better, and Ruben is an insult saves in each of my comments.

Well, despite all the crap I've thrown ruben's blog, I think is best, as I read stupid things does nothing of evil in the end I always end up laughing.


miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Old play


When I was a child, I never have problems to play anything with someone, because I have a twin brother also him always wanted play with me.
With my twin brother we played all day, principally with action figures of "transformes" or "Dragon Ball", it were very funny, as we used only the imagination.

But, wit my brother, we had a play that now think is my favoirite. In the fair sold action´s figures of "Knights of the Zodiac"... it is really beatiful figures as each character (like “Seiya”) had a armorAs the armor of the figures, made it funny . Clearly the name of this game was "play with de monos" or something like. With my brother, we used the figure´s armor to hide in any place to the garden and the quest was find the armor and after fight with the brother´s character. I remeber that always I played with the golden´s knights such as their armor was beautiful. I did imagination´s stories of fights between knights like the tv serie. I trying play this game everday, never I has a problems to search someone to play, since always was my brother.

Play with action´s figures was funny like I use the imagination, and I could be all day play with my brother, I have great memories of those moments.
I have a great hobby for colection action´s figures, principally saint seiya´s figures (Knights of the Zodiac), but a new edition called “Myth Cloth”, this is a edition aesthetically improved, this figures be very cooool.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Roberto Matta

Always I say wich: The best chilean is dead. In this time, Chile don´t have persons with shine´s characters. Principaly politics, actors, movie makers, writers or musicians has been just cheat all this time.

But in the Chile´s history, someone chileans has been very importan a international rate, famous people around the world for the talent that they have. A loot of things go to my mind and is dificulty decide for only one.

Well, the chilean´s art has been great times thanks a very importan people with a "sobrenatural" talen like Roberto Antonio Sebastián Matta Echaurren, better known as Roberto Matta, was one of Chile's best-known painters and a seminal figure in 20th century abstract expressionist and surrealist art. He was a great representantive figure of art and was influenced by the likes of Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, André Breton y Le Corbusier where in Europa share with them. Indeed, it was Breton who encouraged the Chilean artist, evaluating their work and putting it in the circle of the leading members of the surrealist movement in Paris. Also, is evident the important of Roberto Matta in the art´s developing in Chile.

For me, had been an honor to have shared with him, talk of filosofy of art or about their travel in Europe and their friendly with inmortals figure of the mundial´s art.

If I could do a question for Roberto Matta, I should say :how he was inspired to do the great obra "El primer gol del pueblo chileno"? A believe that the answer must be chargue with politics colours and chili cravings.


sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

Be a Rock Star!

Hi all

If I could choose a job, I would like it to be fun, have no heads, be passionate, able to work whenever I want and that people admire my work. That's why I choose to be a rock star. Well, you might think that this is not a job, but it is! Consider that in addition to beer, women and drugs, also earn much money. That makes it a job as anyone.

Being a rock star would be very exciting, there is nothing better to do what one likes (I personally love listening and playing music), and if you make a lot money to do that is very good. It would be very good (speaking of money) having this type of work. But more important is the emotional satisfaction. I can already imagine, after a big concert before thousands of people come to my dressing room where I hope many girls with beer haha, it's a dream or not? I would like to know the whole world playing my music, playing in the biggest stadiums full of people shouting the name of my band. It would be great. If I could choose a wish, choose to be a rock star, leave everything behind, haha.

Well, I really do not know any personally rock star, the closest thing to that is our classmate Misael, who plays in a heavy metal band but he is more a hobby. I think they are relatively well known but do not live it, but feel the excitement of people singing his songs if he has lived.


jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Hi everyone

Today I must talk about of a historical figure, a person very importan that led a art´s revolution in Italia en c.XV with all his genius.

Well,Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer.... wow this person is a really humanist. I thinkg in the knowlogy of him and and I am impressed. I think in how only person can make anythings in a mortal life, a person with knowlogy hunger for understan the world, the nature and most hard yet, know the human behavior.

I would like be in Florencia when Leonardo was living here and worked to the real family of Medici´s. Can be with da Vinci and learn some of this wisdom I would be conformable. Would fantastic travel trhough the time and meet with all this Renaissance environment, when the arts was were being valued again

With da Vinci I would talk about mainly of scince, anatomy, cartography... any things! Such a special person that such knowlogy and wisdom deserves the respect of all, so have the posibility to meet whith him would be fantastic.

In my opinion, Leonardo da Vinci was most importan humanist of the History, is such rich and hard found a person like him in in these times, when we have no leisure to do what we want that think in a person that do so now 100 people would is awsome.

Well... hope is one thousandth part of what it was him.


jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

English! English!

Hello everyone!

Today, learn English is very important for to the professional developing. All we know that English is the universal language.
Well, learn another language is exciting, not only the English, learning another language is phenomenal.
Thinking in English, just cannot find it very hard, all my life I have seen in English in advertising, video games and many other things, so I am much more familiar than other languages such as German or Russian. This is not for nothing, understands this language is very necessary, and is like learning how to live around the world. In English I can go anywhere in the world and most people will understand me, from China to Denmark. Also many of my favorite video games are in full English.
On the other hand, as a future professional, English could open many doors. I intend to continue studying and would love to work in another country to know that English is very necessary as many of the universities in the world where I like to be in great majority speak English.

I am currently learning English at university. My teacher is from England and tries to teach us the best possible use of their language is very didactic making it very entertaining. Although I remember in high school was not very entertaining English, perhaps because it did not learn much haha. I hope to finish this semester in English, I trust so, but now is much more complicated.

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Perfect Day

Well, thinking in a perfect day I believe that is it very relative. It depend of my mood. Although I consider that a perfect day must have 5 elements minimun; It is be with my girlfriend, holydays, friends, brothers and beer.

Being in a summer day with my girlfriend, going to movies, have ice cream, walk through any park, really makes a very good one day. But for this to be perfect I also include my friends, because they are very important to me. Being in my house a long night, listening to music, drinking beer and talking any nonsense.

There is something else, perhaps all these things I have mentioned, a perfect day would be automatically when faculty see the most beautiful designer that may exist was not even his name, but seeing as though spring is come to me. I'm sure Ruben what I think is more ... symbolically call him "Ladi" in Spanish as "Ladiseñadora"

Well, after this parenthesis, there are days that can be perfect while I'm alone. In the summer mornings before the sun begins to burn, I love going to the mountains where I live, I'm not very big, but mountains are very beautiful. They are places where nature is still clean and the air cools the lungs.
In my life, I often had perfect days are those days when the night go to bed and think about what great time you had wanted to repeat again and again.
I hope the days are always perfect.


viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

Since I was in high school I had the experience of strikes,I studied at the renowned "Liceo de Aplicación", famous for this sort of thing.
When I went to university, I knew that things would not change much. These days the faculty has been on strike, protest at the measures that this government intends to take to education in Chile, by deleting the manner in which many students do not have the resources to pay for college can do so with the help of free credits greater interest in the future. With these measures and many other long term the system will be completely changed, public universities are at the same level as private producing a certain balance, a balance that should exist, but changing the system of private universities.
I completely agree with what you're protesting, also with form. What I regret most is that the media do not show anything about what you're doing is we are not the only faculty of the University of Chile on strike, and in the news only show the trapped miners in the north. I guess it's a good way to make the public remains uninformed and believe that the government do everything well.
On the other hand, yesterday at the university police force was really excessive against students and academics do not understand how some people justify the repression exerted.
I try all I can participate in the activities carried out in the faculty, but this week I've been on a few occasions.

sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Read read read read

This year I read a few good books. Honestly I think it's boring to read so much
about geography, so when I have some free time I start reading other things.
I have great admiration for French writers since the days illustrated to some very contemporary. This year I bought three books to pass the time in the summer, "The Optimist" of Voltaire, the play "The Flies" by Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus essay called "The Myth of Sisyphus." I devoured these three books before the end of the first month of holidays, so after I read some books of my brother of German philosophers.
I've always loved to read philosophy and mythology, and more French authors who are my favorites so that reading his books I am very pleased. I am also a loyal fan of JRR Tolkien's created world.
You can say I'm a reader exile, because in my house I can not easily do because there is always noise TVs, radios or anything else that my mother is doing. To read I should be absolutely calm and silent, otherwise I get distracted ... I think I have very little concentration.
If I can, I read on the toilet, on my desktop, travel from home to university, on the subway or in a place with little noise.
Reading is a great hobby, I know of no reason that prevents people to read, I guess when there is no habit is boring, but reading has many benefits for mental activities.

sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

Monster of Rock!

Hello everyone!

I've been to many concerts, many of them are rock, but a concert in particular I liked because it had three very good bands which one is my favorite.

Aproximandamente was five years ago, when my brother gave me a ballot to go to see a great concert of heavy metal.

I do not remember exactly the day, although I could see the ticket but I have it in my hands now. I remember it was a slide! Cold winter night in 2005 in the athletic track of the "national stadium, that night they would go out onstage Argentines Rata Blanca,Withesnake alongside the British and Judas Priest.

The event called Monster of Rock began about 8 pm with the Argentinean Rata Blanca, played their best songs and that alone that night to a very good. Then came Withesnake, with the legendary David Coverdale sang together with 15 thousand people historical songs like Here I Go Again and Is This Love, actually this type if he can do a rock show!. These two bands and they made that very special moment, but there was room for another, one of the legends of British Heavy Metal, Judas Priest, I mean. see on stage at the legendary Rob Halford with one of my favorite guitarists, Glenn Typton was the best thing that ever happened in life.

Singing anthems of music that I love such as Breaking the Law, Electric Eye, Painkiller, made this night unforgettable. I would not want a repeat of that unforgettable night, since such moments should be lived once in the life, times and really know much jajaj cheer.

greetings to everyone!

miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Don Quixote by Doré


I like the tangible art, from paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures. Thanks to the revival we like many works of art from Italy, artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and many more all of them marked the history of art to this day.

An artist called my attention, not only his quality but the reason for his works, he is Paul Gustave Doré Was a French artist, engraver, illustrator and sculptor. Primarily Worked with Doré wood engraving and steel engraving of the nineteenth century.

Since he was a gifted artist of great talent, he devoted his life to play in a famous design book like the Bible, The Divine Comedy or Don Quixote. Just the pictures that made this great book by Miguel de Cervantes I really like, and you can see posted is what I like.

The amount of detail that has this print show the quality of Gustave Doré and how an illustration can interpret many signs the mind of the mad Don Quixote. In the illustration are knights riding horses, we know that Don Quixote read so many novels of this type, as he is his brain dried up, that is reflected in the pile of books that are lying on the ground.

There are many other illustrations of this renowned artist, could be published on the blog each and they are really amazing.

Well ... Goodbye!

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Taringa! collective intelligence


Taringa (www.taringa.net) is a argentian website that have all!, you just must register for explorer without limits. Is a website where you can upload or download any thing in hosting servers.

In "Taringa! collective intelligence" you can find the ultimates movies, videogames, a lot of music, photos, documentary, books,serial, softwares... I can name many things more since taringa really have all. Also, you can leave a comment and give score to the best topics because everyweek the website make a ranking with the most popular topics.

I visit Taringa everyday, for search anything or reed interesting topics.

Well, I found Taringa 3 years ago, in a boooorded night.. I was searching a movie in "google" when Taringa! appeared in the serch.

If I need find anything, Taringa is my first option jaja, and alwys and I always find what I seek, therefore is my favorite website.
Principally I use Taringa for download videogames,more than playing them, that's my vice jaja. Also I download music that is hard to find.

Like is a argentian website, is very very visible the nacionalims that they have. Sometimes is heavy reed commments derogatory with recist tones to the members of the other nationality, like Chile, Colimbia or Peru, but is better do not take seriosly.

All of my friends use Taringa, really is a tool very useful also is easy to management.

Well, it is my favorite website, the true is very popular. If you don´t know this website... enter now!


lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010


Hello hello

The best holyday that I lived, was in 2009, when I went to Matanzas with my girlfriend.

Matanzas is a small town that is in the sixth region, is a very nice town with people that live fishing.

With my girlfriend, we stayed at the house of a guy that was on the edge of the beach was a nice place nearby where there was a stream of water falling from a small hill.

with my girlfriend, every day we walked to the edge of the beach, we climbed a very large sand dunes where we ran down. There was a place called "La Roca de la Siera" which was a large stone hill, with dangerous protrusions that when they reached the top, you could see how the sea playing with the seaweed making it appear to be the hair of a siren very large.

Near the village, was the Rapel River was a very nice place with lots of vegetation. I used to go with my girlfriend to collect berries and cherries to make marmalade in the house. After spending nearly two hours putting his hands in plants with thorns, my fingers were very sore.But I would do anything to get marmalade.

with my girlfriend were 1 full week, had a great time, this place sticks in my mind for being so calm and beautiful. This summer I went there, but certainly the first time is much more important.

I want to go back every year ..

Greetings to all

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

The dream of Tartini

Hello everyone

Now, a little musical story.

Few people know to Giuseppe Tartini, neither the "Il Trillo del Diavolo". Well I will tell.

Giuseppe Tartini was a italian composer and violinist born Piran on Abril 8 of 1692. He was very know in his age.

When he played in the Padua Church everone come to see him. Say they will not miss a note, he was simply a master.

Well, the story say that a night of summer, after having played a concert he was slepping when a lot of strange dreams come to mind, until as Descartes says: When the man can not disinguish the real with te fantasy, the devil appeared with him sitting on his bed. Tartini lent his violin to the Devil and this was your impresion:
A night I dreamed tath do a tratement with the Devil in exchange of my soul, the I lent my violin and saw what thing he could do. I was really amazed when I saw how he played a sonata with a beauty so great that exceeded my imagination, I felt enchanted and I woke up.

Then I try to hold the musical notes in my mind and wrote that could remember. The song I composed called "Il Trillo del Diavolo", this song is the most beautiful song I've written...but the song that I listened in my dream is far away

Then..Tartini do a beautifil classical song, but maybe he is now in the hell


lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Hello hello!

This pic was taken in july of 2008, when I studied in the highschool. I feel any thinks when I see this pic because my ultimate year in the school was very tragic. In the moment when Jhodad, my classmath taken the photo...we was preparing for do a music show in the school.
Well, this photo show the future of the megazine Rollig Stone with me, on the front page jaja, when we see remember me.
In the show that do in the school, I played guitar, sang and played keyboards. The setlist was very varied, between Deep Purple, The Ramones, Iron Maiden and Elvis Presley.

This photo, was taken in the ultimates days of school, because after of the winter´s holydays my highschool was collapsed and had not more class. This was very sad jaja.I do not like being in pictures, say they can steal your soul and I appreciate very much mine as to remove ajaj me.

I've been thinking, and it is very possible that the photo is not me but my twin brother ... I always get confused with that. Well ... I think that would give the same, if in the end are equal.

greetings to everyone!

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010


Hello hello!

jojo.. I would like visit any contruies, for ejample Greece, Canada or Albania, but I think that Ireland is a magical conutry, mainly the celtic culture that live there.

I alwys imagine be in a tavern with any dwarf with green clothes and showy hats, invited to drink with them, dancing celtic music on tables. Then I think.. Ireland is the perfect place!..also I think that the hotel is ver cheap.

I would like know the Castles, the celta earth, mytologic leyends and viring and green landscape. I would visit the St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, the Aughnanurep´s Castle, know the mysterius Leprechaun down the rainbow with the pot full of gold, drink a pint of Guinness stout... a lot of things!!

The people say taht if yout find a Shamrock with four leaft, your luck will change, then... do you not think that is the perfect country? Nature, fantastic leyends and a lot of beer and food

Also, a great musical band comes from this country, U2. I imagine walk in the center of Dublin and see to Bono near, that would be a dream.

I am sure, that my dear teacher Simón, invite me someday.


miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

The Isa´s earthquake

The night of 27 of february with my family were all in my house, with except my eldest brother that was in a party in the Maipu center, I didn't go because I felt lazy and I wanted to sleep.In (p) the minute of earthquake I was sleeping, my little brother woke up and taked me of my arms,both (p) went of the bedroom, with my dad were under the door while my mom was to the bedroom of my brother, she forgot that my brother went, so she was distressed for him, with my father and brother tried (sp) of calm her.During (p) the earthquake I was very quiet, my father always spoke to me about the earthquake of 1985 so I knew what to do and how react.After (p) of thirty minutes, my eldest brother came to home running, worried for us and your daughter, she was with your mother.Then (p) with of step of the hours, we knew what happened for radio.


lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

A beautiful Blog

Hi hi!

When I watch the the blog of Isabel, I am impressed for this things....In my first visit I see butterflies, flowers and a lots of colours, whit this I remember the farm or something. I don´t belive that this blog is of a men jaja. I can see a picture of Isabel with Diego, this picture spoils all the blog.. I would say that the change for a photo where I am in zunga. Thath would be very very sexy, I belive that a lots of girls would visit the blog of Isabel.

When I read the blog´s topic, I can know the films like, music and your hobbies... she is a very sweet girl (but she like resident evil film)..., she do activities very interesting and funy.

Well, I know personally Isabel, really is sweet and very friendly, your personality is consistent with the desing of blog jaja, I can see Isabel with buterflies and flowes walking in the road.

Greetings to Isabel and all!

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Hello hello!
Now I must write about of my hobbie, and in my life I have lots, hobbies like play music with guitar, piano, and any think that is a intrument. Listen music also is a hobbie for me, but make the music that I play is really rewarding. In simple words, all that have relationship with the music is my hobbie in all my life. When I was 14 years old, I wanted study music in the academy, but in the end I preffer study geography... Before I finish my carrer, I will study music, is this my dream, because I'd like to be a famous concert.

Well, In my home always I am playing any instrument, I have a keyboards, two guitars (one is electric), a little ocarine and percution intrument, always song any thing en my bedroom. With friends, together play simple music, somethime I play the piano, is this my favorite intrument. But I don´t like when I must sing, I sing very bad, but I try. With my friends, together play rock music, like Deep Purple or Rainbow, but the music that I make is like the clasical music, because I listen a loot Mozart, J.S Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Lizt, Wagner, Paganini and Tartini.

I think that the music in the life, is very important... is the universal language.


lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

A Excelent Film


Choosing a good movie, I think it is a bit complicated. Come to my mind a lot of very good films. I also think that choosing a movie over the other is unmerited.

At the moment, I think of a movie released in 1992 by the American director Francis Ford Coppola called Dracula (or better known like Bram Stoker's Dracula). Here are renowned actors like Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins and Winona Ryder.

Whe I first watched this movie, I was struck by his photografy (made by Michael Ballhaus) and music (composed by Wojciech Kilar), also show the vampires as they really are not like current movies where the vampires are just beautiful children and delicate delight adolescent girls, so I think it is much better than all of them.

You can make a great analysis of this film, I was amazed the amount of detail present in it that make this film very attractive and desirable. Not only for fans of horror, romance and vampires, also for those who want to see a true masterpiece of photography. If you have not seen it, I recommend you wathc it, I think anyone with good taste in cinema, I'd like to watch this movie.

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Ohh Destructive Earthquake

The ultimate earthquake in the center of Chile was in 1985, like I have 19 years I am not living a earthquake. This night, I am sleeping... feel a litle movement in my bed, when this movement began is most strengh. Always I had calm, for the other hand, my mother and my brother was scared...very scared, and my grandmother was in your bedroom in silence. They two went to my bedroom while the earthquake was causing that any books fell on my head, I had a loot of pain. Then everything is calm.
After, my femily wento to my house, but nathig was destroyer and all my family also.

One day leter, I had news of the stats in the country, all the happening was very sad, I question me, how any people dead for the neglicence of the army, for human errors like any peoble thougth that Chile was near to the development...ja! With public organism like this, We must walk a road veery long.


lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

Walk in Valpo

Hello hello!

well, how I must write about this places that like me of Chile. Approximately from 95km of Santiago go to the west, Valparaíso is a fantastic place for go with the friends. The magic of the filed hills with houses full of colours and desings.

The beach is wondefull, fish in "Caleta Portales" and see how the sea lions swim like doing a show. The lake that I dont remember your name is perfect for takes pictures and go to the girlsfriend.

The food is cheap and gooood, also in the nigh any bars open the doors for thirsty tourist. Drink beer in Valparaíso is really really funy, but be careful not get drunk.

Celebrate the new years in Valparaíso, is...unforgettable!

Victory Square is a social center, Avenue Pedro Montt as you like no other, but I would like to sing with all my heart!!!! with all muy heart!... yeah!

Draw with me

Very Sad but sometimes very real.

domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Bavel's Book

The special "Book of Imaginary Beings" by Jorge Luis Borges and Margarita Guerrero follows this fantastic short story.


La Maison en petits cubes


lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Hi, is this of a bored blog...I recommened that visit something other or watch tv (or watch youp#$n).