jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Perfect Day

Well, thinking in a perfect day I believe that is it very relative. It depend of my mood. Although I consider that a perfect day must have 5 elements minimun; It is be with my girlfriend, holydays, friends, brothers and beer.

Being in a summer day with my girlfriend, going to movies, have ice cream, walk through any park, really makes a very good one day. But for this to be perfect I also include my friends, because they are very important to me. Being in my house a long night, listening to music, drinking beer and talking any nonsense.

There is something else, perhaps all these things I have mentioned, a perfect day would be automatically when faculty see the most beautiful designer that may exist was not even his name, but seeing as though spring is come to me. I'm sure Ruben what I think is more ... symbolically call him "Ladi" in Spanish as "Ladiseñadora"

Well, after this parenthesis, there are days that can be perfect while I'm alone. In the summer mornings before the sun begins to burn, I love going to the mountains where I live, I'm not very big, but mountains are very beautiful. They are places where nature is still clean and the air cools the lungs.
In my life, I often had perfect days are those days when the night go to bed and think about what great time you had wanted to repeat again and again.
I hope the days are always perfect.


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