sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

Be a Rock Star!

Hi all

If I could choose a job, I would like it to be fun, have no heads, be passionate, able to work whenever I want and that people admire my work. That's why I choose to be a rock star. Well, you might think that this is not a job, but it is! Consider that in addition to beer, women and drugs, also earn much money. That makes it a job as anyone.

Being a rock star would be very exciting, there is nothing better to do what one likes (I personally love listening and playing music), and if you make a lot money to do that is very good. It would be very good (speaking of money) having this type of work. But more important is the emotional satisfaction. I can already imagine, after a big concert before thousands of people come to my dressing room where I hope many girls with beer haha, it's a dream or not? I would like to know the whole world playing my music, playing in the biggest stadiums full of people shouting the name of my band. It would be great. If I could choose a wish, choose to be a rock star, leave everything behind, haha.

Well, I really do not know any personally rock star, the closest thing to that is our classmate Misael, who plays in a heavy metal band but he is more a hobby. I think they are relatively well known but do not live it, but feel the excitement of people singing his songs if he has lived.


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