jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

English! English!

Hello everyone!

Today, learn English is very important for to the professional developing. All we know that English is the universal language.
Well, learn another language is exciting, not only the English, learning another language is phenomenal.
Thinking in English, just cannot find it very hard, all my life I have seen in English in advertising, video games and many other things, so I am much more familiar than other languages such as German or Russian. This is not for nothing, understands this language is very necessary, and is like learning how to live around the world. In English I can go anywhere in the world and most people will understand me, from China to Denmark. Also many of my favorite video games are in full English.
On the other hand, as a future professional, English could open many doors. I intend to continue studying and would love to work in another country to know that English is very necessary as many of the universities in the world where I like to be in great majority speak English.

I am currently learning English at university. My teacher is from England and tries to teach us the best possible use of their language is very didactic making it very entertaining. Although I remember in high school was not very entertaining English, perhaps because it did not learn much haha. I hope to finish this semester in English, I trust so, but now is much more complicated.

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